Fishing is what we are all about.  Here is all the info you need to come out here and fish with us.  We accept cash and major credit cards.  We have an ATM available on site.


  • Adult                                   $12
  • Child(12 and under)            $6
  • Toddlers(4 and under)        $1
  • Seniors                                 $5

You get a wristband with your paid admission that is good from the time you purchase it until 6am.  We are open 24/7 from March until December.  Hours vary with the weather during the winter(Dec, Jan, Feb)

Our adult rates decrease late at night here is the schedule:

  • After 2am we charge 1/2 price
  • After 4am we charge $2
  • After 5am we charge $1

Keep in mind that we will charge the full admission price to anyone staying on the pier after 6am.  In other words, you will have to purchase a new wristband at 6am if you plan on staying.  

Rod Rentals

  • $10/rod with a $20 deposit.  Rods come fully rigged to catch whatever is out there

Bait-All of our bait is frozen

  • Shrimp(close to 1lb)          $6
  • Squid(close to 1lb)            $6
  • Shad                                Prices and availability vary
  • Finger Mullet                     $6
  • Cut bait                           Prices and availability vary
  • We sometimes have stingray and other baits, just ask at the counter.

Here are the rules and guidelines for the pier

  • We have a two rod per person limit
  • 10ft maximum length per rod
  • Fishing licenses are required by TPWD law(for anyone over 17)
    • You can buy a fishing license online or with your smart phone here
    • You can also purchase a fishing license at Walmart or Academy.  The closest ones to the pier are here: Walmart - Academy
  • No glass containers(Broken glass ends up on the beach)
  • Alcohol must be purchased at the pier
  • No pets(service animals only)
  • No sleeping on the deck
  • Those who choose to drink too much or act up will be asked to leave(We want to keep it family friendly out here)
  • Carts are allowed as long as they are shorter than 3'6"(the big ones take up too much space)
    • If you bring an oversize cart we will ask that you unload your stuff where you want to fish and then bring the cart back to be stored out of the way.